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Polish British Integration Day – 7th May 2017

Polish British Integration Day – 7th May 2017

As an answer to Polish Ambasador’s – Arkady Rzegocki letter encouraging all Poles in Great Britain to participate in the initiative of establishing a Polish Day in the United Kingdom PBIC decided to organize the event in Bedford on the 7th of May.

Polish flag will wave from the Town Hall on that day.

Celebrations will start at 11AM with a mass at St.Katbert’s Church (Polish church in Bedford at Mill Street) followed by a traditional Polish dance at Bedford Town Square. We sincerely invite you to take part.

Ceremonial at Harpur Suite will be opened by town mare Dave Hodgson in partnership with representatives of the Polish Consulate in London.

For this day to fully exhibit the potential of Polish Society non of the local Polish organizations, businesses and people of initiative shall be missing.

Heritage Day will be an occasion not only to see performances, to try tasty polish food and good fun but most importantly to meet the polish heritage in the town we live in. During that day there will be three historical presentations.  Two of them will zoom in on the places in Bedford around which for many years the Poles have gathered: Polish House and St. Katbert’s Church.

This will also be and occasion to familiarize yourself with our new project aimed to keep the Polish Heritage in Bedford for future generations, which will end with an exhibition at The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum on the day of 100th’s anniversary of Polish Independence (Find out more).

There will also be activities for children. Jumaja Theatre from Warsaw will visit us on this occasion to perform plays full of charming surprises, for example the performance “With legend’s Through Poland”. Apart from that we invite the youngest to:

-Face Painting

-Twisting colorful baloons

-Artistic Fun


-Playing with a Dragon!


Venue Location:

Harpur Suite

Bedford MK40 1LE


Plan of Activities

Opening 11.00-13.30

11.00 Holy mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Cuthbert

12.00 Opening of the event with the participation of Dave Hodgson, the Mayor of Bedford and Michal Mazurek, a representative of the Polish Consulate in London.

12.20 Traditional Polish dance (Polonez) in the Harpur Square

12.40 Presentation by Mags Brady : 3rd of May Constitution

12.50 Performance by Jacek  Zienkiewicz

13.15 Presentation by Ewa Allan:  History of the Polish church in Bedford


Activities for Children 13.30-15.30

13.30 Promethidion performance

13.50 Performance of “JUMAJA” theatre from Warsaw

14.30 Fun games and photos with the dragon

15.00 Learning through play (traditional Polish dance music)

During the event the kids will have a chance to make their own ID card (MYID card)


Activities for adults

15.30 Presentation by Andrzej Gasiennica: History of the Polish House

15.50 New historical project in Bedford – presentation

16.00 Performance by Jacek Zienkiewicz

16.20 Performance: Sawa Charm:

16.50. Closing of the event. Raffle. Prizes for the History Quiz.

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