Zgłoś incydent motywowany niechęcią na tle ksenofobicznym

Polish Day of Independence in The Polish House, in Bedford 2017

Polish Day of Independence in The Polish House, in Bedford 2017

On the 12th of November 2017 together with families we celebrated the 99th anniversary of Polish Independence.   Day after the official, national festivity we met in the Polish House in Bedford to remember the events of the 11th of November 1918 in Poland and to raise awareness of a project called MYID led by PBIC to document the history of Polish community in Bedford going back to the time of World War II in a form of documentary films. Find out more about the Project

The guests and participants had a chance to learn about the historical view of The Polish Independence through an exhibition of Polish poetry and old films and documentaries constantly displayed on a big screen.




We opened the celebration with singing the hymn of Poland. With a little help from teachers and parents children from the Polish School in Bedford prepared beautiful performances for us.




Promethidion’s performance was the next attracion. In Polish traditional clothes they sung and danced for the audience.



In the next part of the event a concert took place. It was a band called Sawa Charm who in their own original versions performed hits like: : “Już taki jestem zimny drań”, “Ostatnia niedziela” czy “Baby”.




Throughout the day children and adults could take part in a quiz which checked our knowledge of the events leading to regaining independence by Poland in 1918. Prizes were funded among others by Bestpol Delicatessen and the Polish British Integration center. Treats in a form of delicious cakes were made by parents from the Polish School in Bedford.




We wish to thank you all for participating and especially to thank Bestpol Delicatessen, The Polish House and other companies and institutions listed above for the help in making this event possible.

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