Zgłoś incydent motywowany niechęcią na tle ksenofobicznym

Polish Independence Day.

Polish Independence Day.

On 11th November 2016, celebrations were held across the country and abroad, commemorating Polish Independence Day.  This critically important date for us Poles is a symbol of the continuity of a free and democratic Poland.

Emaciated and starved during World War I, and still without recognised national borders, Poland regained its independence on 11th November 1918, and after 123 years of absence, regained its place on the map of Europe.

In every school and academy commemorating this special day, young people learn important lessons about patriotism; learn to appreciate the courage and sacrifice of our ancestors in the struggle for independence; and are reminded of the importance of nurturing our traditions and Polish patriotism.

It was no different in the Polish House in Bedford, where the children’s band “Promethidion” prepared a special celebratory performance and exhibition. Team Coordinator Gabriela Tarchała talked to the children about the first world war, and told them how Poles fought for their country. A projector displayed film clips of the war, and a biography of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski.

All the audience enjoyed the artistic elements prepared by the children, and in particular the traditional polish dances and the singing of patriotic songs. In addition, a selection of sweets and refreshments were served during the intervals.

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