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The Freedom Programme.

The Freedom Programme.

People say that ideal relationships do not exist. When two people love each other they share a special bond, unfortunately in some relationships this does not form. It is not easy to notice when a relationship which was supposed to support, strengthen and make an individual happy, is destructive.  It is very difficult to make a relationship work when the needs of one of the partners are ignored and boundaries are crossed. The relationship – instead of giving satisfaction, gives us a constant sense of worry, anxiety and even fear. We tiptoe around our partner so that they do not get irritated, we keep silent so that we do not provoke them; we do everything for our partner, however there is always something missing.

Our partner is aggressive, controlling and demanding. Our partner accuses us of infidelity, makes us feel guilty for every problem and refuses to take any responsibility for things that go wrong. So we as the other half always try to please, because it is only then that there is a chance everything will be O.K. We try to work on one issue and we get accused of the failure of others; this leads to a constant sense of fear, low self-esteem and has a negative effect on our children.

We would like to invite all individuals who are or have been in difficult relationships to attend the Freedom Programme (created by Pat Craven).

The programme will help you to:

– understand how you create your own reality and how to change this reality to a positive one.

– learn how to create relationships consciously.

– understand why you are at this point in your life and how to change this

– heal your relationship with yourself and the surrounding world.

– learn how to set boundaries and leave destructive relationships.

– learn how to react in problematic situations.

– understand the importance of your well-being and happiness and how it affects your children’s development.

– learn what characteristics the “dominator” has.

You will have the chance to regain your independence, which is a vital aspect in every relationship. We ensure complete confidentiality.


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