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UK Government’s ‘Offer to EU Nationals in The UK After Brexit.

UK Government’s ‘Offer to EU Nationals in The UK After Brexit.
  1. EU nationals with 5 years residence, still resident in UK will be entitled to “settled status”, equivalent to indefinite leave to remain under Immigration Act 1971.
  2. All EU nationals, including those with confirmed permanent residence, will have to apply, for a fee, (yet to be determined).
  3. Those who arrived before a “cut-off date” but without 5 years residence, will be allowed to stay with “temporary status”, until they reach 5 years, when they will be given “settled status”.
  4. Those arriving after the “cut-off date” will be allowed to stay for a temporary period but if they want to stay longer will have to apply under UK immigration rules. This includes students, who will be eligible to apply for permission to stay to complete their course only.
  5. EU nationals in the UK with ‘self-sufficient’ status will no longer need to show comprehensive medical insurance.
  6. The “cut-off date” (to be negotiated) will be between 29/03/2017 (when A.50 was triggered), and the date of Brexit. This means that those who have arrived after 29/03/17 could conceivably be forced to leave the UK.
  7. Automatic “grace period” of up to 2 years between the date UK leaves the EU and the date all EU citizens will need to have a “residence document” confirming their status in the UK.


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